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All souls know who I am (Tribute to our Creator)

Record: MAJ-CR000824
Category: Painting
Year Created: 2016
Media: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 48 x 72 inches
Signature location: Vertical bottom left

Owner: Private collection 
Location: Vancouver, BC
Date Acquired: 2016
Acquisition Method: Purchase
Agent of Sale: Artist


Verso: Signed, titled and dated in ink


Private collection


4 Fish, sun and moon, crowned halo, shaman figure, eagle, wolf, teepee, universe and stars in the doorway of teepee, heart, peyote chief, 15 soul like figures, 4 birds, symbols for Christianity, Islam, First Nations, Sikhism, Judaism, Egyptian eye of ra, and Hinduism, energy dots


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All souls know who I am (tribute to our Creator) here's the story:

The inspiration for this painting was to give absolute honour to the great spirit, the ultimate holy master artist and most high genius Creator of the Universe, of the heavens and the earth. It is such a true privilege and most sacred honour to have found the ability within me to try to capture this portrait of our maker.

Just a glimpse indeed, a moment of revelation of the mysterious ways in which our Creator is our true author. My desire was to give the greatest respect I could through this humble painting of mine. So, as you can see at the base of this painting, there is what appears to be souls moving and entering through the teepee. I wanted to reflect the stars, galaxies and the universe at the teepee doorway. This is where in the place before we are born into human bodies, our Creator assigns each of us the glorious gift of the human life experience. This is where it is my belief that we have made arrangements to be born into the various family bloodlines that we are born from, our mothers and fathers are thus chosen.

This is because of the various experiences we desire to learn from, the gifts and life lessons we embrace through the sequences of the human d.n.a. found in all these family bloodlines that we are born into.

Above the teepee poles in the chest of the human figure (our Creator in human like form) are the main religions of the world being represented. Going counter clock wise, you see the medicine wheel, the 4 colours of man being represented for all First Nations. Then the cross of Christianity, then the crescent moon with star for the religion of Islam. Next is the symbol for Sikhism, then the symbol for Hinduism, above that the Star of David for Judaism, then centre is the Egyptian eye of ra, the all seeing eye. I did this to show that all aspects of faith can be used as sources of learning and inspiration for the living human spiritual experience. Our Creator will always be the author of inspiration and will use any means necessary for hopeful spiritual contact and divine connection. The golden key has always been through choice. Our Creator doesn't need to impinge upon our own sovereignty. Invitation is always warmly responded to. The choice is ours. This is the highest honour of free will.

The 4 birds represent our connection to the sacred element of the life giving powers of the air. The eternal ties to being a mother and father and all children on our planet. Also on the front of the teepee are the symbols of the heart for everything is created in love. You also see a grandfather chief peyote button being represented above the heart, to give sacred honour and respect for the plant medicines of our Mother Earth. The sacred peyote is known as taking part in the flesh of God. A holy sacrament in expanding our spiritual experiences and deepening our relationships to the interconnectedness of the divine.

Sitting on the left side (the arm) of our Creator is the majestic eagle, representing the visionary within us all, in every man, woman and child we are blessed to create in thoughts, feelings and actions. To dream and the empowerment to achieve these various dreams that each of us envision. The gift of sharing our own uniqueness with one another. On the right side (the other arm area) is the spirit of the wolf clan being represented. The wolf teaches loyalty amongst the family clan. This is where we learn our various life lessons through the family bloodlines and with the rest of humanity in our friendships and relationships with each other.

There are 4 fish being represented as well. This concept gives respect for the 4 cycles of life through the sacred element of water. The different stages of life from childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. The 4 cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth. At the top of the painting are the symbols of our continual ties to the rhythms of the sun and the moon. The male and female aspects of existence. Finally I gave a portrait of our Creator being crowned in a halo of universal energy, to represent the eternal flow of manna, chi, the vibrations of creativity as I see it, the very blueprint of all life and it's consciousness from the past, to this present and the future. It was and is one of the greatest honours for me as an artist, to give my devotion and and praise to our Creator, through this little painting of mine. With eternal love and respect, I thank you very much. All my relations, Mark Anthony Jacobson - Rainbow Thunderbird 2016