We wish you a good day to each and everyone. On Oct.1st, 2011, Mark Anthony Jacobson became the first native artist in Canadian history to launch and publish an authorized and official catalogue raisonne of his known artworks to date, preceding that of either Norval Morrisseau and the N.M.H.S. (The Norval Morrisseau Heritage Society). We extend a warm welcome to the many friends, collectors, researchers, galleries, museums and other institutions both educational and otherwise worldwide to this authorized resource on Mark Anthony Jacobson artworks. This database will offer and ensure impeccable pedigree for each piece of Jacobson art, will be an excellent source of security from forgeries and will guarantee the authenticity of your various Mark Anthony Jacobson artworks by offering solid provenance and documentation which is found throughout this catalogue.

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Shamanic transformations of a bear clan medicine woman

Record: MAJ-CR000810
Category: Painting
Year Created: 2016
Media: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 24 x 36 inches
Signature location: Horizontal bottom right

Owner: Greenery gallery
Location: Vancouver, BC
Date Acquired: 2016
Acquisition Method: Purchase
Agent of Sale: Artist


Verso: Signed, titled and dated in ink


Greenery gallery


bear, female human figure, flower, trees, rattle snake, 2 interconnecting circles, 2 birds


None found


None found.

Painting was executed to give honor and respect to all women for their life giving power and medicine. I particularly desired to give special attention to those women who have embarked upon the spirit path, to heal others, to serve through their knowledge and insights into the various earth medicines that we all have come to rely on. These plant kingdoms and the very elements themselves are divine. We must continue to preserve these understandings through sharing, caring and helping to nurture and heal one another. The women who travel these spirit paths, they know this. They live it each and every day. Chi meegwetch and all my relations, MAJ